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We offer a wider range of talent international exchanges and cooperation.
HKPTC via Hong Kong international economic and financial center location advantage, the connection and integration of different management and talent culture between east and west.

Build a bridge for international talents for mainland international vision.


With Hong Kong as an international economic, financial, logistics, technology and talent center location advantage, not regular organization include: exhibition, talent recruitment, project docking, peak Forum, talent training, workshops, and other content of international talent exchange activities, focus on the law of the transformation and upgrading of China's economy and the growth of talent, strive to provide intellectual support for China's economic transformation and implementation path, improve concentration of high-level personnel to absorb and landing ability, strengthen vocational and technical education and talent exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad.
Global intelligence Forum
The national communication engineering exhibition
Conference, project and talent
Foreign experts and training project docking organization
Study abroad personnel and project communication
Innovative talents competition overseas
The national software talent project investment exchange
Global head of innovation summit
The development of Chinese international innovation Forum
The human resources development Forum
The international education exhibition
Conference, professional meetings
Foreign talent recruitment
Internet + (casc)
Vocational education and talent show

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