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We provide more professional international professional education
HKPTC international specialist education provides 4 into the class management and skills education, to cover the entire career and personal learning career.

The Hong Kong professional center for training and employment needs, provide real-time, self-help and support services in place and diversification.
Center to provide comprehensive course information and training institutions in the area of information, and will answer the public's general course queries, the applicant can more directly in the center take part this center courses.Training center is equipped with the "advisory services" and "training and translation test", to help service users choose the center courses and services.

Provide training related service center, encourage members to self-study appreciation, in order to improve the competitiveness, and to provide all kinds of resources and self-study software used by the member.Center also hold different types of workshops and lectures, including courses and industry seminars, job skills, and general skills workshops and seminars, etc., for members to understand the situation of market and employment, promote employment and job skills.In addition, the center has a support group, members can through the study to each other, each other market information.

Center also need people to have jobs to provide proper support, regularly held industry exhibition and the education activities, to increase the member's jobs.Members of the need for further employment service, the center will also provide job matching services.


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