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Guarantee the international qualifications
Hong Kong centre for professional talents has a professional international professional qualification authentication assurance program, make constant progress, we undertake to stakeholders.

The professional qualification management system
The government of the Hong Kong professional center for professional qualification popularization of adaptation project support, establish a set of professional qualification certification of international management system, to promote internal knowledge management, and improve the work efficiency.We hope through this system to cultivate professional qualification certification of culture, to promote the professional qualification certification to ascend, and in the basis of objective and systematic information for decision making, to improve the levels of vocational qualification certification.
Hong Kong professional talents center international professional qualification certification center to participated in the professional qualification certification course of operation, the review team members and use Hong Kong professionals center international service center of attestation of qualification of profession of college opinion survey.Opinion surveys for the Hong Kong professional talents center professional qualification certification system guarantee mechanism is an important part of international management, main online survey.The review team members opinion survey, by the Hong Kong center for professional talents.
The information collected by the Hong Kong professional talents center, only to improve services for the center.The secretariat to the Hong Kong professional talents center meeting regularly report the results of the survey, and through various activities, such as operation of briefings, training workshops and a written report, share the results and follow up work with respondents.

Professional qualification review of international cooperation
Hong Kong professional center in strategy development plan for every five years to review the professional qualification review of international cooperation.To assess audit work efficiency and quality, we according to "assessment criteria of the professional qualification of international cooperation, to evaluate the quality assurance work to certify our related policies, programs and work mode has reached the international level.


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